Medical Marijuana Versus Prescription Drugs

September 1, 2012

medical-marijuana-vs-prescription-medication There is a lot of debate as to whether or not medical marijuana is a safe and healthy alternative to prescription medication regimens these days.

With the number of people becoming addicted to pain killers and other prescription drugs on the rise, most people who are pro medical marijuana are quick to point out the key differences that make medical marijuana a great alternative.

A great place to begin in this debate is to take a serious look at the pros and cons of both medical marijuana and prescription drugs. It is a proven fact that nobody has ever died as a direct result from consuming marijuana, nobody has ever overdosed in other words.

Marijuana is not lethal and overdose is an impossibility. Take a look at other remedies such as percocet, vicodin, and oxycontin. People are becoming seriously addicted to these medications in droves and are often times purchasing these drugs off the streets. Prescription medications are now killing more people in the United States than illegal street drugs and the numbers are increasing all the time. Those who are addicted to these drugs go through serious withdrawal when they are without them and often times resort to theft and other illegal methods to acquire more medication just so they can feel normal again.

Then we come to the good old “Gateway Drug” theory, which has been scientifically proven to be false. There is absolutely no correlation whatsoever that creates a cause and effect chain of reactions that leads someone to smoke marijuana and then decide that they need to try heroin, it simply just does not work that way. That would be like saying that caffeine or sugar is going to lead to cocaine use, it is absurd when one really considers how the government has used mind control tactics to brainwash the masses.

All in all, society as a whole does not suffer with medical marijuana in the world. Those who are qualified patients in their respective states are reaping the benefits of a healthy and bonafide alternative to a serious addiction problem and possibly death. One can’t even take a Tylenol or Aspirin without there being serious side effects to the liver and other organs in the body. Medications are not healthy and create a host of health problems in millions of people. Medical marijuana is not lethal, prescription and even non-prescription pills, powders, liquids, and injections are.

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