Medical Marijuana High Profits and Money Earnings

June 25, 2011

Medical Marijuana Project Profits Earnings Medical MarijuanaAs more and more states are implementing laws to legalize medical marijuana within the jurisdiction of their own state laws, many savvy business professionals have been able to market this growing trend all the way to the bank.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are sprouting up all over the United States as more and more states are passing medical marijuana legislation legalizing the use of Medical Marijuana on the state level.  It is a lucrative business in such states as: Alaska, California, Colorado, D.C., Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

The medical marijuana business is big business and the government is getting their fair share in taxes as well. It is no coincidence that President Barack Obama and his administration have vowed not to prosecute medical marijuana patients, growers, and dispensaries on the federal level. The fact still remains that Washington still has the ability to prosecute but will not because the government loves our tax dollars.

Dispensaries are earning millions of dollars from coast to cost, especially in states like California with dispensaries popping up like Walgreens on nearly every corner. There are over 1,000 dispensaries and growing in the thirteen states where medical marijuana is legal. Medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of California now offer medical marijuana delivery services, which makes the purchase and sale of medical marijuana more convenient for qualified patients. The switch in the federal policy which regards legal medical marijuana has resulted in a huge explosion dispensaries.

Michigan is definitely a state to keep an eye on, in only its first 2 years of being in operation, the state licensing of marijuana patients and their caregivers has turned more than an $8-million profit, this generated $9.7 million in revenue with only $1.5 million dollars of the money going to their business expenses. Medical marijuana has proved to be a big money maker for dispensary owners, growers and people cheating the system and the government. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it is fair to say that a domino effect is sure to follow. More and more states will begin to legalize medical marijuana and the profits will be like that of alcohol and tobacco sales.

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